Company incorporation

The MovetoLiberia team supports you from the birth of your business idea, the market study until the establishment of the structure to support your activity. We support our expatriates in the creation of flexible structures in Vietnam regardless of the sector of activity: gym, consulting company, café, bar, restaurant …

Our partner network

Thanks to our network of trusted partners: lawyers, accountants, tax specialists, notaries, etc., we support the Americans and foreigners or take 100% charge of the establishment of the company. These experts in their respective fields will lend you a hand with their personalized advice and consulting.

Tailored services

From business consulting to personalized coaching to turnkey support: our team adapts to your needs to offer you à la carte services that will meet your specific issues. Depending on your needs, budget and motivation, you will have access to (free) information, videos or can book coaching.

Health insurance

Personalized advice service to choose the best health insurance adapted to your situation. Coverage, price, medical history, … we have a wide choice of insurers that we can recommend according to your budget.

Job opportunities

In association with a headhunter based in Monrovia (Liberia), we have created a unique online training in to teach how to find employment opportunities in Liberia while being a foreigner. We also provide an exclusive list of companies to contact.

Help future expats

Choice of accommodation, recommendation of providers to ensure a move, advice on everyday life, bank accounts, etc., we provide you with a guide that discusses the essential points to keep in mind before moving abroad.

Investing overseas

We bring our expertise to American people and other nationalities who wish to acquire real estate in Liberia. With in-depth knowledge of the local real estate market and a partnership with trusted developers and real estate agents, we can present you with certain opportunities.

Balanced portfolios

We also offer some articles and content on the site related to wealth management: how to invest in stock markets via ETFs and build a balanced portfolio that only requires a few minutes of monitoring per month.

Wealth & Diversification

The theory of the 5 flags, setting up alternative investments via cryptocurrencies, opening companies or bank accounts abroad, obtaining a second passport are also subjects that interest us within MovetoLiberia

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